Bionic Commando Nintendo

In the game, the protagonist has a bionic gun that allows him to access previously inaccessible areas. He cannot jump, and thus to reach higher grounds he’ll have to grasp onto to something and then pull himself up.

Before you enter a level, you’ll have to select one from a map. While not all of the levels are accessible in the beginning, you won’t be limited to just picking one. As you progress through the game and conquer more levels, more stages will be given to you via a special key. You navigate the map via a helicopter, and sometimes enemy trucks will halt your progress, forcing you to land and battle the enemies.

While traversing on the main stages, the player will have to make use of the bionic arm in multiple ways. While the player can not latch onto enemies (you can dispatch them by using your trusty gun), you can grab onto almost everything else, whether it be ceilings or walls.

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