Atomic Runner Sega Genesis

Atomic Runner Chelnov is a Japanese runner arcade game developed and published by Data East in 1988.

The player takes the role of Chelnov, a coal miner who miraculously survives the malfunction and explosion of a nuclear power plant. Chelnov’s body gains superhuman abilities due to the massive amount of radiation given off by the explosion, and a secret organization seeks to harness those abilities for its own evil purposes. Chelnov must battle and defeat the secret organization using his newfound abilities.

The player controls Chelnov’s movements with the eight-way joystick, and the three buttons to attack, jump, or turn around. Six types of weapons can be obtained during the game: laser, fire rings, boomerangs, spike bola balls, splike ball whip, missiles. By collecting power-ups you can improve Chelnov’s attack power, rapid-firing capability, attack range or jumping height.

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